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Office of Violence Prevention 1000 South Fremont Ave.
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The Violence, Hope and Healing Storytelling Project, a collaboration between the Department of Arts and Culture and the LA County Office of Violence Prevention, is seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds and geographies, who are open to telling their stories about their personal experiences surviving any form of violence including the violence of racism. Spoken stories will be confidentially audio recorded, developed into written transcripts, and shared with consent, to increase awareness about violence, its impact and its reach. By highlighting individual stories, we hope to influence the way we understand and respond to violence so that we can advance policy, practice, and system change.

The Storytelling Project has four main goals:

  • Center Survivor Voice Icon

    Center Survivor Voice

    To add a human element and context to data about violence to deepen the understanding of violence by lifting up the voices of survivors and individuals most directly impacted by violence and racism.

  • Develop a Book Icon

    Develop a Book

    To combine the stories and photographs collected countywide to develop a book that can be shared with the public, county and community partners as well as the arts community, academia and philanthropy for capacity building, fund development, and advocacy efforts.

  • Strengthen Communication Pathway Icon

    Strengthen Communication Pathways

    To create and fortify new pathways of communication between county agencies, county leadership and community.

  • Increase Awareness

    Increase Awareness

    To distribute and share stories through the book and through other communication mechanisms to inform policies and practices and raise awareness about the impact of violence.

$50 Gift Card Icon

$50 Gift Card

Knowing that your time is valuable, we offer a modest stipend of a $50 gift card in exchange for your participation in this project.

Sharing Your Story

If you're interested in sharing your story, there are two options:

Option One: Facilitated Guided Recording

A trained facilitator will help you with the recording process and support you as you tell your story using trauma informed practices. For this option, click on the following link to send us a message and let us know you are interested in telling your story. We will then contact you to arrange a recording session online or in person at a location near you depending on your preference. All in person sessions will follow Public Health COVID-19 guidelines and be socially distanced and with masks.

Option Two: Self-Recording

To self-record your story using a smart-phone and/or computer microphone, please follow the step by instructions below. When done recording, please send your audio file to our confidential and secure email address where we will listen to your story.

  • Provide Consent Icon

    1. Provide Written or Verbal Consent

  • Save Recording Icon

    3. Save recording every 10-15 min
    to keep small file sizes


Storytellers will always own their own stories and you can withdraw consent to share your story at any time. All confidentially protocols signed on the consent form will be respected for the life of the story.

Send a message to OVP Connections to schedule a meeting

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