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Reporting a Case of HIV for Laboratories

California Senate Bill 1184, signed by the Governor on September 26, 2008, requires that all CD4 + T-Cell test results be reported to local health departments within 7 days in addition to the existing requirements that require reporting any laboratory test used to identify HIV or antibodies or antigens to HIV.

Laboratories are responsible for reporting any HIV-indicative test – including all viral loads (even if undetectable), HIV antigen and confirmed antibody tests – and ALL CD4 T-Cell test results (not just those < 200/ul or < 14%), to the health officer of the local health jurisdiction where the health care provider facility is located.

In Los Angeles County there are four public health jurisdictions. The largest of these, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, includes the City of Los Angeles and all other jurisdictions within the County except for the following three cities: Pasadena, Long Beach and Vernon, who each have their own health departments. L.A. County's Health Officer’s HIV Surveillance designee in the Division of HIV and STD Programs will follow-up with health care providers for laboratory reports you send to us to complete the HIV Registry. If the facility is located in Pasadena, Long Beach or Vernon, please contact their public health department.

To submit the test results, laboratories can either report manually or electronically.  The following forms and documents can be downloaded for HIV lab test reporting. If you would like to report an HIV case, or have any questions retrieving these files, please call the HIV Reporting Help Desk at (213) 351-8516.

Manual Lab Reporting

Complete one of the following forms, insert it in doubled envelops, and mail to:


County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health

600 South Commonwealth Avenue, 10th Floor - Suite 1260

Los Angeles, CA 90005


Electronic Lab Test Reporting - All of the electronic lab test report data need to be encrypted before being sent to the Division of HIV and STD Programs.  The encrypted file can be saved on a diskette or CD Rom, double enveloped, and mailed via a reliable mail carrier to the address listed above.  If you would like a free copy of encryption software or would like to set up other means of data transmission, please contact the HIV Reporting Help Desk at (213) 351-8516 or email to

  • Instructions and Data Layout PDF Icon (Preliminary format)
  • Canned Application - This Microsoft ACCESS application provides laboratories a database structure to enter confirmed HIV tests, print case report forms for confidential mailing, create subsets of newly entered tests for electronic reporting, and maintain reported HIV tests on site.

Case Reporting Contact Numbers
HIV Reporting Contacts

  • L.A. County Public Health Department:
    (213) 351-8516
  • Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services: (562) 570-4311
  • Pasadena Public Health Department:
    (626) 744-6027
  • California State Office of AIDS: (916) 445-0553

STD Reporting Contacts

  • L.A. County Public Health Department:
    (213) 368-7441
  • Refer to above numbers for other jurisdictions
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