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  Community Public Health Team Overview

What is a Community Public Health Team?

5 core strategies
Community Public Health Team (CPHT) is a project that brings together community-based organizations, health care partners, and Public Health staff. These teams work at the household level, conducting home visits to gather health needs and connect people to care. These teams also work at the community level, inviting people to participate in creating community action plans.
This is a new approach to public health and health care in LA County. Public Health is investing public health infrastructure dollars to implement this pilot project for five years, beginning August 2023. The goal is to build long-term relationships with households, empower communities to define the health priorities that matter to them, and demonstrate that this new way of engagement can support better health outcomes.

Is there a CPHT serving my community?

This is a pilot project currently being launched in 10 high-priority, service areas within LA County. Each service area includes 8,000-13,000 households. These service areas include parts of the following communities: Bell, Boyle Heights, Cudahy, El Monte, Florence-Firestone, Harvard Park, Huntington Park, Lancaster, Lincoln Heights, Mission Hills, Pacoima, Rosemead, San Fernando, South El Monte, South Gate, South Park, Sylmar, Watts, West Vernon, and Wilmington.

What should I expect if there is a CPHT in my community?

If you live in one of the service areas, you are eligible to receive services. You will be invited to participate in an in-person household assessment with a Community Health Worker (CHW). After the assessment, the CHW will offer to connect you to services based on your responses. Anyone living in or near the service area will also be invited to join community meetings to learn about the project and how to get more involved.
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There are 10 Community Public Health Teams. Each team is a partnership that includes a community-based organization, a health care partner, and a Public Health representative. The CPHT working in each service area and their contact information are listed below.

Only certain census tracts in each area are selected for this pilot project. Some teams are working in neighboring areas. Please contact the CPHT nearest to you and provide your home address to confirm.

CPHT Service Area

CPHT Name and Contact

Lancaster Antelope Valley CPHT
Shannon Brooks, (661) 942-4719,
Silvia Salomon, (661) 874-4050 ext 41105,
San Fernando
Community Assistance & Resources Enhancement Services, San Fernando Valley
Dionne Zantua,
Anelly Perez,
Mission Hills,
San Fernando,
Healthy Connections, Conexiones Saludables
Alejandra Sandoval-Pachon, (818) 772-9981,
Christopher Gomez, (818) 979-7400 ext 41811,
El Monte,
South El Monte
Expanding Community Health and Outreach - San Gabriel Valley Program (ECHO-SGV)
Pilar Lane, (818) 937-4886,
Annie Chou, (626) 286-8700,
Boyle Heights,
Lincoln Heights
Reaching for the Heights, Alcanza las Alturas
Martha Gonzalez, (213) 989-7700 ext 2835,
Melina Castelan, (213) 784-9343,
Boyle Heights Su Salud Esta En Sus Manos
Roberto Salazar, (323) 627-4196,
Watts Community Wellness Team
Edith Ramirez, (213) 706-2191,
Yolanda Mills, (323) 564-4331 ext 3128
Harvard Park,
South Park,
West Vernon
South Central Heals, South Central Sana
Angelica Romero, (213) 373-1384,
Ana Ruth Varela, (323) 337-6976,
Huntington Park,
South Gate
SELA Florece, SELA Blooms
Karina Guzman, (213) 598-0717,
Corina Martinez,
Wilmington Heart of the Harbor
Alex Perez, MPH, (310) 549-5760 ext 139,
Katy Gutierrez, (424) 212-5649,

Are there opportunities for other organizations and agencies to get involved?

Yes, each CPHT must identify and foster relationships with ancillary partners to respond to community-identified issues and support the infrastructure of CPHT work. These ancillary partners can engage in ongoing CPHT activities and provide feedback to administrative, programmatic, and evaluative components of the project. Partnerships may or may not be funded.

If your organization is interested in learning about community-identified priorities, exploring opportunities to be an ancillary partner, or sharing CPHT project info with clients, please contact:
  • Su Salud Esta En Sus Manos Community Advisory Committee Meeting in Boyle Heights (coming soon)
Coming Soon