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For more information about Ebola, call the LA County Information Line at 2-1-1 or follow us on Twitter: @LAPublicHealth
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  • To date, there are ZERO suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola in LA County.
  • The risk of getting sick with Ebola is very low in the U.S. and in Los Angeles County.
  • Ebola patients can only spread the disease when they have symptoms.
  • A person must have direct contact with a patient’s body fluids to be infected.
  • The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is taking precautionary measures to prevent Ebola’s spread in Los Angeles County if a case were to come here.

Message from the Interim Health Officer for Los Angeles County
Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, MD, MPH

Ebola General FAQ August 10, 2015

Last Thursday the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced a case of human plague in California. The patient lives in LA County and was hospitalized for the illness after a family trip to Yosemite State National Park and Stanislaus National Forest. Officials are still investigating where the individual may have contracted the disease.   More >>


Ebola General FAQ
Fact Sheet: Frequently Asked Questions About Ebola
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Ebola General Facts

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Ebola General Facts

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Pets and Ebola

Pets and Ebola
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Ebola General Facts

Infographic: Facts about Ebola
Ebola General Virus

Infographic: How do you get the Ebola virus?
Ebola General Spread

Infographic: When is someone able to spread the disease to others?
Ebola General Sympotms

Infographic: Early Symptoms

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