Contact Tracing Dashboard

Current data reflects cases and contacts associated with cases
reported through 10/12/2020.
(Data updated weekly every Wednesday)

Total Number of Cases Assigned to Interviewer


7-Day Period1 (100.0%)


Cumulative (100.0%)

Cases that had Follow-up Initiated Within 1 Day of Assignment2


7-Day Period1 (99.4%)


Cumulative (95.5%)

Assigned Cases that Completed the Interview


7-Day Period1 (62.5%)


Cumulative (63.5%)

Number of Contacts Identified through Case Interviews


7-Day Period1 (100.0%)


Cumulative (100.0%)

Contacts that had Follow-up Initiated Within 1 Day of Assignment3


7-Day Period1 (92.3%)


Cumulative (82.4%)

Contacts that Completed the Interview


7-Day Period1 (70.5%)


Cumulative (72.3%)

Case Processing

7-Day Period1Cumulative
Number of confirmed cases prior to contact tracing system deployment (before April 6, 2020)4n/a5,311
Number of confirmed cases after April 6 system deployment5 6,571262,521
Number of cases excluded650031,004
Number of cases to be considered for case interview6,071231,517
— Duplicates1112,733
— Missing contact information7344,812
— Unassigned811
Total Number of Cases Assigned to Interviewer5,925 223,971
(1) Cases processed and uploaded into the contact tracing system from September 30 – October 6, 2020
(2) "Follow-up Initiated" means a telephone call was made to reach the case.
(3) "Follow-up Initiated" means a telephone call was made to reach the contact.
(4) Cases were uploaded to the contact tracing system starting April 6, 2020; earlier cases were tracked through a different process.
(5) Total number of cases is different than the reported current number of cases because cases are removed later if they are identified to be duplicates, out of jurisdiction, or false cases.
(6) Cases can meet more than one criterion and include cases at skilled nursing facilities, jails and prisons, and deceased people and persons with lab result dated 14 days prior to interview assignment.
(7) Cases missing phone numbers and referred for DMV/Lexis Nexis search.
(8) Cases pending interviewer assignment (e.g. cases with newly found phone numbers from DMV/Lexis Nexis search and interviewer staffing factors).

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