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Veterinary Public Health

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Veterinary Public Health Program
313 N Figueroa St. Rm 1127
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel (213) 989-7060
Tel: (877) 747-2243
Fax (213) 481-2375
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Animal Disease Reporting

West Nile Virus Dead Bird Testing Program SUSPENDED August 2013. Click here for more information. 

Veterinarians: To report a potentially rabid animal, click here.

Infectious diseases in animals are legally reportable in Los Angeles County.  See the list of reportable diseases here.  

Animal disease reports are essential for identifying outbreaks, disease trends, and new diseases.  This information is used to educate veterinarians, physicians, and others to help protect the health of animals and people.

Which Animal Diseases to Report?
Rabid Animals - animals suspected of having rabies
5. Dead birds and tree squirrels (for West Nile Virus testing)
6. Outbreak - Many animals becoming ill around the same time and place
7. Animals/Humans sick with same symptoms, same location
8. Animal diseases not native to area or unusual animal diseases
9. Any disease on the list     

How to Report?  Three ways:
  1. Call our office at (213) 989-7060   or   (877) 747-2243 (in LA County)                     
  2. Download form (pdf), print, fax in.
    Animal Disease and Bite Report Forms.

  3. Online reporting
    See two links below. You will be asked to fill out a form on a secure website. You will be prompted by your computer to accept a security alert when you access the form. Click Yes to proceed.

Online Public Reporting Portal  Online Reporting Portal for Professionals

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