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PLACE Data Sources

Los Angeles County Data Sources

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH)

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's Health Assessment Unit continuously publishes reports on the health outcomes of LA County residents. The Health Assessment Program and Epidemiology Program publish reports that describe the prevalence of diseases and risk factors in the County, as well as reports about the status of different populations, such as women and children. The Health Assessment Unit is also responsible for the Key Health Indicators report, which describes health outcomes by Service Planning Area (SPA), the eight areas of the County by which public health services are planned and distributed. The website allows users to access to LA County Health Survey reports, subscribe to publications, and to access information about health and mortality in the County. You can also access city and community health profiles here.

The Health Assessment Unit also publishes the Los Angeles County Health Survey is a population-based telephone survey that provides information concerning the health of LA County residents. Survey data are used for assessing health-related needs of the population, for program planning and policy development, and for program evaluation. The relatively large sample size allows users to obtain health indicator data for large demographic subgroups and across geographic regions of the County, including Service Planning Areas and Health Districts.

The County of Los Angeles also maintains a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Portal, which provides access to GIS data created, maintained, licensed and stored by the County of Los Angeles.

Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles

This interactive website, Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles, was developed as part of the update to the City of Los Angeles' General Plan. It offers neighborhood profiles and interactive maps for the City of Los Angeles that display many of the characteristics of the built and social environments that affect health outcomes, such as economic conditions, education, land use, transportation, and crime statistics.

California Data Sources

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research
The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research offers local-level data by Service Planning Area (SPA) for health conditions, health behaviors, and social characteristics. This website is also home to AskCHIS, which is an interactive tool that allows users to query health data from the California Health Interview Survey at the SPA, county, and state level for California.

Healthy City
Healthy City is a California-based non-profit that provides local level data for health conditions, health behaviors, social and neighborhood characteristics - including fear of crime and frequency of physical activity. Healthy City also offers online tools for making maps and charts, as well as referrals to local services.

The California Household Travel Survey
The California Household Travel Survey is a decennial study conducted by the state Department of Transportation on the population characteristics and travel behavior of California's residents. The most recent report was released in June 2013.

National Data Sources

The National Household Travel Survey

 The National Household Travel Survey is conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and includes data about travel behavior, mode choice, and descriptive information about the population. The preceding link directs users to the survey's data sets, online analysis tools, and frequently requested tables. The FHWA report, "Summary of Travel Trends: 2009 National Household Travel Survey" offers a clear and comprehensive overview of the most recent Survey's findings.


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