Resource Development Unit

The Resource Development Unit establishes and implements the infrastructure needed to sustain and expand the Department of Public Health's budget through existing and emerging resources and grant opportunities through federal, state, local, and philanthropic support.

Specific activities and projects include:

  • Directing the Departmental grant development strategy to assure that all grant funds effectively align with priority initiatives with the necessary program plans, funding, and support to achieve health equity goals.

  • Building and supporting Department-wide and community networks to manage available grant funds fairly and responsibly, encouraging collaboration to stimulate innovation and maximize impact

  • Collaborating with internal and community partners to strengthen existing efforts and implementing new initiatives by generating new revenue to address the complex nature of essential public health functions.

  • Providing leadership through policy development, oversight, and training to foster Department-wide standards in grantmaking, compliance requirements, and promoting enhanced coordination among divisions that recieve grants and grant funds to community partners, and

  • Providing support for grant writing and organizing grant submissions and assuring that quality of services is enhanced through effective and efficient use of grant resources and through grant fund solicitations to support quality and innovative initiatives.

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