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Getting children and staff in early childhood settings vaccinated is the most effective strategy we have to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Parents often take their children to their doctor or a pediatric clinic to get their required immunizations. But not all doctors in Los Angeles County have the COVID-19 vaccine in their office. Hosting a community vaccine clinic at your early childhood setting can provide a safe and convenient place for families to vaccinate their children. COVID-19 vaccine clinics may be done alone or as part of a community resource fair or other regular event.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) offers support to Early Care and Education Providers (ECPs) within Los Angeles County who are interested in hosting a COVID-19 vaccine clinic. This does not include ECPs in Long Beach and Pasadena. Contact City of Long Beach or City of Pasadena for vaccination events in those areas.

This toolkit is a how-to guide for planning and coordinating a COVID-19 vaccine clinic. It includes best practices, templates, resources, and details on how to request a mobile vaccine clinic.

If you have any questions about this toolkit or need additional resources, please contact:

Steps for Hosting a Vaccine Clinic


Flowchart overview

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COVID-19 Vaccine Event Checklist

We recommend printing this checklist and using it to track progress as you plan the event.
Click here (English | Español) for a printable version of this checklist.

COVID-19 Vaccine Event Checklist for Host Site
Task Description Check When Complete
Create a Vaccine Clinic Planning Team
Identify Key Personnel to Support COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
  • DPH can assist in identifying vaccine partners for your school if needed.
Plan Vaccine Clinic
Identify Date(s) and Time(s) for the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic(s)
  • Decide if you will host a one-time clinic or a series of clinics.
  • Consider the best time of day for parents and young children. Consider scheduling as an addition to a community event.
Identify Space for the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Clinics can be held indoors or outdoors but should have a designated entry and separate exit.
  • Designated space: Designate space for a vaccine administration area with tables and chairs, observation area, children’s activity area, and an area for vaccine handling and preparation.
  • Parking should be available for vaccine provider and clinic attendees.

See sample site plan in the Resources section.

Connect with a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider
Request a Mobile Vaccine Provider
Confirm space and logistics with the COVID-19 Vaccine Provider
  • If applicable, conduct a site walk-through with the COVID-19 vaccine provider to identify clinic layout.
  • Determine what the site will provide and what the vaccine provider will bring.
Outreach and Promotion
Create a Flyer with Clinic Details
  • Flyer templates are included in the Resources section. The vaccine partner will provide a QR code or link for optional pre-registration. Translate flyer based on your community’s needs.
Distribute Vaccine Clinic Information and Provide Reminders
  • Print flyers and display at key locations.
  • Share flyer on landing page of website, social media accounts, and use other communication methods (letter, text, e-mail, and newsletters).
  • Share clinic event information with all site personnel, families, and community.
  • Provide reminders leading up to the vaccine clinic.
Host Vaccine Clinic
Enlist volunteers or staff to help in clinic operations
  • It is good for clients to see familiar faces as they arrive. Staff and volunteers may help direct people to check in, help with registration, help in the observation area, etc.
Place signage and flyers/banners to guide people to the vaccine clinic location
  • If the clinic is open to the community, make sure that there are clear and descriptive signs at the entrance of the parking lot so people know where to park and where to go after parking.
  • Place directional signs leading people to the registration, waiting, vaccination, and observation areas.
Assess Vaccine Clinic
Consider evaluating what worked well and areas for improvement
  • Identify what went well and lessons learned for future vaccine clinic events, if applicable. Suggested areas for review: planning process, promotion and outreach activities, physical space and set up, clinic flow, day, and time, etc.

Print this checklist

Special Considerations When Planning a Vaccine Clinic for Young Children
  1. Design the clinic to minimize anxiety in young children. This may include:
    • Short wait times before the vaccine is given
    • Room dividers or multiple rooms so that children do not see other children getting a vaccine
    • A “quiet room” for children who are nervous or have had bad experiences with needles
    • Extra space at vaccine administration stations for parents and/or additional children
    • Activities (e.g., consumable arts and crafts, bubbles, ring toss, etc.), a movie, or an outdoor space available for the observation period
  2. Involve the parents:
    • Allow parents to hold the child on their lap while the vaccine is being given
    • Ask parents to bring comfort items or toys/books to support their child
    • Have volunteers to help parents support their child or to help parents who attend with more than one child
  3. Design a COVID-19 vaccine clinic with safety in mind to reduce the risk of dosage errors e.g.:
    • Have separate preparation and administration areas for the different vaccines
    • Have clinicians administer only one type/dose of vaccine at a time
    • Setup separate lines and vaccine stations, depending on the type of vaccine
    • Have signs showing which vaccine is being given at each station
    • Use a color-coding system. Give vaccine recipients colored wristbands or stickers that match colored stickers on the vaccine syringes and/or vials. For example, the pediatric vaccine for 5–11-year-olds is labeled with an orange sticker so children ages 5-11 would receive an orange sticker at registration.)
Outreach and Promotion

Key Strategies for Promoting ECP Vaccine Clinics

  1. Create and hand out vaccine clinic flyers.
  2. Post flyers in key areas at your site, such as bulletin boards, and have copies available to take home. See sample flyers in the Resources section.
  3. Send e-mails or letters to your community/family network. See sample letters you can use in the Resources section.
  4. Share vaccine clinic event information and flyers on your websites and social media accounts. Create regular posts leading up to the event.
  5. Make robocalls and/or send text messages to your network with vaccine clinic event information Be sure to send reminders before the event.
  6. Hang promotional banners on site.
  7. Notify all staff about the vaccine clinic. Encourage them to share information with their friends/family.
  8. If you have an existing partnership with community-based organizations, local schools, or businesses, consider asking them to assist in promoting the event. (For example, canvas neighborhood or distribute flyers).

Sample Talking Points for Promoting the Vaccine Clinic

  • COVID-19 vaccines are FREE and available to everyone 6 months and older. You will not be asked about your immigration status.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. The vaccine reduces the risk of getting very sick from COVID-19, ending up in the hospital, or dying. It also lowers your risk of getting long-COVID.
  • The Fall updated (bivalent) bbooster doses are authorized for children age 5 and older. Booster doses are recommended for everyone age 5 and older at least 2 months after their last COVID-19 vaccine dose (either the final primary series dose or the last booster).
  • Getting all recommended doses including booster doses provides the best protection. Click here for information about booster eligibility.
  • Although studies have shown that COVID-19 in children can be mild, some children can become very ill or have long-lasting symptoms that affect their health and well-being in the long term. Getting vaccinated is much safer than the risks of getting sick with COVID-19.
  • The vaccine is built on 20 years of research and science.
  • After getting the vaccine
    • The most common side effects are pain in the arm where the vaccine was given, feeling tired, headache, body aches, chills, and fever. Not everyone will get them.
    • Be sure to get all doses of the vaccine to get the best protection.

Additional Key Messages for parents can be found here


Providing incentives can help promote your vaccine clinic and increase participation. For example, you may be able to:

  • Partner with a local business to provide food, schedule a food truck, or provide bags/baskets of food or snacks
  • Partner with community-based organizations to provide giveaway items such as gift cards, small toys or books, items with the early childhood partner logo
  • Offer vaccine stickers. Email our COVID Vaccine Administration Call Center at COVIDVaccineReq@ph.lacounty.gov or call 833-505-0761 to request stickers. Click here for printable templates in multiple languages.

Clinic flyer templates are available via Canva (a free online graphic design tool) or downloadable PowerPoint file. To use the templates, click on the images or links.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Flyer - Template 1
COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Flyer - Template 2
CDPH Flyer
The California Department of Public Health can help in creating customized communications materials. Click on the image to see samples and request custom designs.
Letters to Parents - Template
Sample Site Plans
It is recommended to discuss site set-up with the vaccine provider. Sample 1 | Sample 2
Sample Consent Forms for Vaccination of Minors
Sample LAC DPH consent forms:
English | Español | Additional Languages
Searching Online for a COVID-19 Vaccine: A Step-by-Step Guide
Frequently Asked Questions

LACDPH Mobile Vaccine Team (MVT) can assist in finding a vaccine partner suitable to provide mobile COVID vaccine services at your site. Submit a Mobile Vaccine Team Interest Form.

Areas with the lowest vaccination rates will be prioritized for first scheduling. To learn more about vaccination rates in LA County, please see the vaccine distribution map and dashboard.

We recommend planning 2-6 weeks before the desired date of the first clinic. This will allow you to have enough time to promote the event and help make your vaccine clinic a success! Depending on your resources and staff support available, DPH can work with you to plan a clinic in a shorter time frame.

Individuals ages 6 months and older are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Everyone age 5 and older is strongly recommended to get a booster dose when it is due. The Fall updated (bivalent) booster doses are only authorized for children age 5 and older. The Pfizer booster is for children ages 5+, the Moderna booster is for children ages 6+. Click here for updated info about booster eligibility and vaccine timing by age.

This toolkit includes flyer templates you can customize for your vaccine clinic events.

No. There is no direct cost to host a vaccine clinic. The vaccine provider will bring the vaccines and all the clinical supplies needed. We do encourage you to have at least three personnel and security available on site on the day of the clinic. If possible, your site can choose to have additional resources available during the clinic such as bottled water and/or vaccine incentives. Note: The COVID-19 vaccine is free to all individuals, Health insurance is NOT required, but the vaccine provider may collect health insurance information from people who have insurance.

Yes! This is a great strategy because it increases the visibility of the vaccine clinic and allows more people to access the vaccine. We have found that these vaccine events are generally more successful.

Vaccine clinics can be held in a classroom, multipurpose room, cafeteria, auditorium, gym, or an outdoor area such as a section of a parking lot or a park. Scheduling a site visit with your vaccine provider may be helpful in identifying the optimal vaccine clinic location at your site.

Written consent is allowable, but it is up to the host site and the vaccine provider to decide what will work best for the clinic. For more information on consent click here.

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