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WNV Prevention Champiom Banner
WNV Prevention Champiom Banner

In 2018, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LAC DPH) launched the Champions for West Nile Virus (WNV) Prevention challenge to reduce the local risk of WNV by partnering with LAC cities and Los Angeles city neighborhoods. Eighteen cities and neighborhoods participated by completing a variety of outreach activities to promote WNV prevention practices in their communities. These communities were awarded scrolls at the December 18, 2018 Board of Supervisors Meeting to recognize their participation and achievements. The City of Lakewood took top honors as the Ultimate Champion for West Nile Virus Prevention, completing the challenge in an exemplary manner. Other cities honored included Whittier, Rolling Hills Estates, Diamond Bar, Northridge (City of LA), Covina, Torrance, and Hacienda Heights. Additional participants included Lancaster, La Mirada, Paramount, Carson, El Segundo, Bellflower, Signal Hill, Glendale, Azusa, and La Habra Heights.

LAC DPH once again invites LAC cities and Los Angeles city neighborhoods to participate in Champions for WNV Prevention from June through November 2019. The LAC Board of Supervisors will honor winners in January 2020. Cities or LA city neighborhoods that stand out for innovation and community engagement activities will also be specially recognized.

The following are frequently asked questions about this challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can any city in LA county participate in Champions for WNV Prevention?

Yes! We encourage all interested cities and LA city neighborhoods to complete the outreach activities as WNV is spread all throughout LA County. Exceptions are the Cities of Long Beach and Pasadena which have their own public health departments.

Should I notify LAC DPH that our city/LA neighborhood is participating?

Yes. Please notify LAC DPH of your participation by providing the name and information of a contact person to any time through August. To be considered for an award, a completed Champions for WNV Prevention reporting form must also be submitted by the December 6, 2019 deadline.

Can neighborhoods in cities other than the City of Los Angeles participate in Champions for WNV Prevention?

No. Due to its large geographic size and population, LAC DPH is offering participation in the challenge to individual neighborhoods only in the City of Los Angeles. Neighborhoods in other cities may participate through their respective cities.

Where can I receive more information on outreach activities to be completed for Champions for WNV Prevention?

Promotional activities are described on the Champions for Prevention reporting form. Some activities are further described in this FAQ. City and neighborhood officials can also reach out to

What is the digital toolkit?

A multimedia campaign toolkit has been developed and is accessible without charge. The toolkit is designed to make it easy to distribute information through anyone’s social media, websites, and newsletters. The toolkit contains materials in English and Spanish including:

·         Sample social media posts

·         Web graphics

·         Videos

·         Campaign fliers and printer-friendly materials

What kind of events can be held to fulfill the Yard Clean-up or Tire Recycling outreach activity?

Any event that encourages and facilitates residents to discard containers and debris on their property that can hold water will fulfill this challenge requirement. In addition to tire recycling, examples include general recycling and community clean-up events. Events should also include the distribution or displaying of educational materials that raise awareness of mosquito-borne disease prevention.

Where can I get more information about organizing a tire recycling event?

A tire recycling program is coordinated by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (DPW). Tire recycling events with DPW must be requested at least 4 months in advance. Contact to reach out to the DPW tire recycling coordinator. For additional information, including a list of facilities that accept tires for recycling, visit WASTE TIRE RECYCLING.

How can a city or neighborhood request presentations on WNV from LAC DPH?

A city/neighborhood can request for a speaker for general community audiences through the LAC DPH's Speakers' Bureau. The presentation will provide an overview of WNV including risk factors for WNV, places where mosquitoes live, disease symptoms and prevention methods. Requests can also be made through

How will the completion of activities be monitored?

Completed promotional activities occurring from June through November should be documented on the Champions for Prevention reporting form. Use the form to describe the event or action by name and/or location/site and the date or time it was completed. One event or action may accomplish more than one measure. For example, if flyers were distributed at tire recycling event, this will count towards 2 measures. Any activities occurring prior to joining the challenge can be documented retrospectively. Forms are to be submitted to by December 6, 2019.

What are the participation dates of Champion for WNV Prevention?

The Champions for Prevention challenge runs from June through November. If a city or neighborhood conducted promotional activities prior to joining the challenge, you may retrospectively document them in the reporting form.

Can a city/neighborhood do more than what is listed by LAC DPH?

Yes! All activities done to prevent the spread of WNV and other mosquito-borne diseases are encouraged. Complete as many activities as possible to promote awareness and prevention of mosquito-borne diseases in LAC. LAC DPH and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will recognize cities and neighborhoods that stand out for innovation and community engagement activities with special awards.

Why is it important to participate?

LAC is one of the highest risk areas for mosquito-borne disease outbreaks in the United States. Over the last 5 years, LAC has experienced yearly outbreaks of WNV with an average of 197 cases per year, approximately 10% of the national burden. Over three-fourths of cases are reported with neurological complications including paralysis, meningitis, encephalitis and death. Milder cases often remain unrecognized. Despite significant health risks, the practice of mosquito prevention behaviors is low among residents in the county. LAC DPH is committed to increase awareness of WNV and keep our residents healthy, safe and productive. Your partnership will provide vital support to spread this important health message and enhance mosquito-borne disease prevention in LAC.Not Just a Bite Button


For more information contact:
Acute Communicable Disease Control Program
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